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 Post subject: Re: Media Center GoldTop Skin V6
PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:07 pm 

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Hey Lucas

Thank you for the flowers - nice to hear that.
I think you're the third one who is using my skin,
when I think of the feedback I get. :-)

Maybe I misunderstood you....
On the top there is the home button, there you can go to all your albums and custom collections.
You can scroll with the right bar, better is with the mouse weel.
i use a touch screen (for me it works not so smooth as it works with the older versions)

I work with version 6 more than a year now, never go back - i like it.
There are still some bugs, hopefully that they are fixed in 2017.

When i have time, i work on a different "idle mode" and some other side display layouts.

Thanks for your feedback


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 Post subject: Re: Media Center GoldTop Skin V6
PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:03 pm 

Joined: Fri Apr 01, 2005 7:16 am
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Hi Pixel...
Cheers for the info on the Home Button at the top and as I have all my albums in what I call The Record Shop Method. Basically this comes from the 70's when I used to walk in the bigger stores such as HMV & Virgin who always catalogued the records this way.

For an artist that was a band you would always find their records under the same letter of the name of the band it started with. For example if you wanted to find Deep Purple you would look amongst the records that came under the letter D.

But if it was a solo artist they always filed them under the letter of their surname. So if you was looking for say Elton John you would not find him filed under the letter E. You would have to look under the letter J to find him.

So I have always used the Archive Ids for my collection in AlbumPlayer.

Now I have noticed that to get to where I want to go to see my collection. It's not just a case of hitting the Home Button at the top. To get there I have to hit the Home Button, then hit the greyed out Pencil on the left hand side, and them click on Archive Ids. Then I can use my mouse wheel to scroll through the artists.

On version 5.03e you could simply scroll left or right without having to go to the Archive Ids at all. Because it had left and right arrows at the top, to which version 6 no longer as at all. Making it a lot slower to get there than what we had before.

Though I am not complaining and it will just take a bit to get to grips with it that's all. But loving some of the new features and I am sure Peter will rectify and add a few things every now and then when he as the time.

I have had AlbumPlayer since 2005 and still to this day I really do not think there is nothing else out there that can touch it. I have loved watching it's development throughout the years and take my hat off to Peter for doing such a superb job and listening to the input from many others who jumped aboard and joined this forum.

I also take my hat off to you Pixel for doing such a great job with this skin. I would love to see more of them in the near future and I have to say that's pretty shameful that only 2 others before me have downloaded this skin of yours. I love it mate and I also think there should be a new place for version 6 skins only, pinned to the top of the Add On & Development section and this Gold Top Skin placed in there.

Just looking at the state of the forum lately it's no wonder only 3 people including myself have found your skin mate. Some people are even using it to post a lot of spam for their own products that have absolutely nothing to do with AlbumPlayer. Dreadful and it needs to be sorted out a bit me thinks :))))))))))))

Thanks again my friend and keep up the good work.

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 Post subject: Re: Media Center GoldTop Skin V6
PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:32 pm 

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If you run your finger (touch screen) or mouse wheel along there right hand side the screen where your albums are they scroll up and down nicely. Version 6 takes a little while to get used to it and some people prefer version 5.3 but in all honesty I think its great. Just need to spend a little time back of the program getting the set up right and then a little time getting to know the front end functionality. Once that's mastered its great - Thats my opinion anyway !!
Think some of the comments made on here about version 6 are out of hand and can understand why Peter has stopped commenting as he has spent so much time and effort with very little appreciation. If he's still reading the comments then I can honestly say that (due to a little time understanding how version 6 works) I think its great. Had some issues, but figured out how to get round them (by reading instructions on the forum) and now its constantly playing in my house.
I hope you get used to version 6 and glad to see your back on the forum.

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 Post subject: Re: Media Center GoldTop Skin V6
PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:18 pm 

Joined: Fri Apr 01, 2005 7:16 am
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Location: Birmingham England
Hi Nattrass

Thanks very much for that information especially about how some of these idiots have treated Peter. I wondered why there was no replies to a lot of the people and I have not seen Peter about as usual. I have not been here in ages myself since they started the Beta testing on version 6. I wish now I would of got involved in it so I could see what was going on myself, but I love my AlbumPlayer that much and version 5.03e was good enough for me, and I did not want a beta version that would effect a lot of my pleasure I get from my record collection. Which Is why I simply waited for it to be finished.

I am just in the process of typing some of things I would love to see in version 6 and I love it to be honest and am still very much sticking with it. But I am missing some of the features that were in the older version, and hopefully Peter will tell me if they are possible in the near future.

I have tremendous respect for Peter and always have done since I joined back 2005. Without AlbumPlayer my record collection would never look as good.

Glad to see another respectable person about the forum and yes I know how albums run up and down in that section and they did the same with the older version. But it was not that part of it I was on about, and loved the old feature to at the top of the screen where you had left and right directional arrows to be able to scroll through your collection from side to side without having to go in the section.

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