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 Post subject: V6 : First impression, remarks and questions
PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:29 pm 

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I have been a happy and satisfied AP user for a few years now and I was impatiently waiting for the V6 release because some interesting improvements were announced.
The positive points: I personally love the possibility to copy a complete album (folder) to any external drive without switching to windows explorer. It is an excellent improvement. I almost daily fill a USB key with the music that I want to play in the car and it’s a very handy application from within AP that I had requested several times in the past. Thank you so much for this.
My first impression regarding the new “Music center “ design and ergonomy is a very positive one. I really like the smooth transitions, the general feel and look of it.
The three things I dislike are :

1. The imposed pictures (guitar, mixing table, piano…) which should be optional and left up to each user to decide what they want to see on their screen. (Maybe there is an option to disable them that I have not found yet.)
2. The mega large size of the thumbnails: I used to display 28 albums with version 5.3 and v6 is limited to 8 only + 4 half thumbnails (cut).
3. The visualization CD and LP sleeves that disappeared (but still available from the Piano Black display mode).

In order to upgrade to V6, I (unfortunately) had to migrate from a very tiny Asus computer called EEEPC (that worked like a charm for years with V5.3 and earlier) to a new laptop , a more recent and powerful one, because V6 is awfully RAM greedy (it seems). Even with this new laptop (specifications hereunder), I encounter stability problems. After a certain time, the thumbnails won’t display anymore (black squares are displayed instead of the original artwork) or the program crashes when playing the music while performing an action in the same time (a search action, for example) (see picture). Stability problems tend to disappear when I switch to the Piano Black design.
I don’t understand why I encounter so many stability issues in “Music Center mode” when only windows and AP are running : I disabled all other applications in the background, I am even disconnected from internet (Laptop Toshiba, CPUB960 2,20 ghz Ram 8 giga).


- “Piano Black” is less RAM greedy but the general look is less attractive than the new one.
The Zz does not launch the screensaver like it used to do in the past with the previous versions. It can be that I have not found the right way to activate the screensaver.
- There is also this “shadow singer” and this large unused empty space reserved for artist bio that should be optional. For users who do not use this option, it takes such a large space of the screen and I’d rather have more thumbnails of my music collection instead. (see picture)


- The song titles are unreadable in the column left because the font is too large. It should be a more compact font instead, or the possibility to wrap the text or shrink it to fit.

My conclusion is that V6 is wonderful but a few issues must be fixed in order to be fully functional and really exciting.
Thanks for reading

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 Post subject: Re: V6 : First impression, remarks and questions
PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:13 pm 
AlbumPlayer Developer
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Thank you for the feedback. Some of your feedback is a matter of taste and hard to discuss because as many opinions as there are users.

Some comments:

- Regarding the thumbnails, you can adjust the size in the preferences at the Main Display page. You can set it to small. That is also less memory demanding and equal to the default size of V5.3. Reason that thumbnails and buttons are bigger by default is the increased resolutions during the years.
- Music Center graphics have double resolution of Piano Black. So that might explain detected differences.
- I will see if it is possible to bring back cd-boxes and vinyl sleeves in Music Center layout.
- I never experience any stability issues and during beta test there were no complaints like that except for one thing. I have to build better in-memory management of covers. If you use the ALL collection with a large database it starts to consume all memory because all covers are loaded. My advise is to avoid that. But using small covers will also help a lot.
- Regarding the title not fits is probably caused because the artist is in the title field of your track. It should like this when properly in the database

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 Post subject: Re: V6 : First impression, remarks and questions
PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:56 pm 

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I just downloaded AlbumPlayer for the 1st time. While I don't know what v5 looked like I really like v6 because I am looking for something to use on my touchscreen / dedicated Jukebox.

The "'Piano Black" black skin is cool but confusing and will be especially for people that are seeing my jukebox for the first time. The imposed pictures (guitar, mixing table, piano…) are a waste of space for me. I would rather see the playlist there so when I click on a song I can confirm it's queued up. The nice thing is that it's a skin and hopefully more will come soon.

I tried running this on a stick PC and it did fine until I got over a few hundreds albums. It's doing better on my old jukebox but it only has 2GB and it's starting to crawl with 400 albums. Both estimates are with the "Music Center" skin.

I have a party planned this weekend and if all goes well I will purchase v6. Overall this is an impressive product and please keep up the good work.


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